America is current superpower in the world. The question arises in our mind which factors make America superpower. There are some important factors who make United States of America as superpower or America Great in the world. The key areas are: overall economic strength, innovative potential, demographic dynamics, reactive mobilization, geographic base, democratic appeal and world institution.

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The first crucial asset of America is overall economic strength. America is still the world’s largest national economy by a good margin. Only the economically united European region slightly surpasses the United states of America, but even so the Western European model exhibits higher structural unemployment and lower rates of growth.

More significant for future trends is the fact that the United States, despites rapid economic growth, has maintained for several decades its major share of the world’s GDP. Its 2010 GDP of over $14 trillion accounted for just around 25% of global output, while its closest competitor, People republic of China, made up over 9% of global output with a close to $6 trillion GDP. The 2019 GPD of USA is more than 18 trillion Us dollars and china more than 14$ trillion dollars. The per capita income of America is more than 60 thousands US dollars and on the other hands, China is more than 10,000 US dollars. This creates a major difference between economy of America and the growing power in economy.

Global output of America a superpower

It is true that according to current forecasts, China largely due to to its overwhelming population bases, will surpass the United states in total economic size sometime in the twenty-first century; the Carnegie Endowment puts that date around 2030. For similar reasons, although not a the same speed, India should climb up the global GDP ranks over the next forty years as well. But neither China nor India will come even close to American levels in per capita GDP. Thus, neither China, nor India, nor Europe can match the United States in its potent economic mix of overall size and high per capita GDP.

economic indicators


The second major asset of America superpower is the technological and innovative prowess derived from an entrepreneurial culture and superiority in institutions of higher education. The USA Superpower is ranked by the World Economic Forum as having the fourth most competitive economy in the world behind Switzerland, Sweden, and Singapore. Highly important in this regard is American’s dominance in higher learning: according to a Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranking of top global universities, eight out of the top ten universities in the World are American, as are seventeen out of the top twenty.

These institutions not only provide America superpower the means and technical know-how to maintain an economic and even military edge in pioneering the products and industries of the future. They also add the domestic accumulation of human capital. as top researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs around the world immigrate to the United States of America in order to reach their full education and economic potential. This fact should remind the Americans of how critical their higher educational dominance is to their country’s domestic vitality, international prestige, and global dominance.


The third advantage which make America superpower is relatively strong demographic base, especially when compared to those of Europe, Japan and Russia. America’s large population of more than 318 million is an inherent source of global clout. Moreover, USA does not suffer from nearly the same level of population aging, or even population decline, projected elsewhere. According to the United Nations, by 2050 the America superpower will have a population of 403 million, 21.6% of its above the age of sixty-five. During that time period, the EU will go from a population of 497 to 493 million, with 28.7% over the age of sixty-five in 2050. The number for Japan are even more striking: it will go from a population of 127 million in 2010 to 101 million in 2050, and will have a public that is 37.8% over sixty-five by midcentury.

One of the reasons for this felicitous discrepancy is America’s ability to attract and assimilate immigrants despite resent domestic unrest about this subject. America currently has a net migration rate of 4.25 per thousand population; Germany attracts 2.19. the UK 2.15, France 1.47, Russia 0.28, and China 0.5.


The fourth asset is America’s capacity for reactive mobilization. The pattern of its democratic politics is for delayed reactions, followed by social mobilization in the face of a danger that prompts national unity in action. That happened in warfare, with “Remember Pearl Harbor” becoming a slogan that helped to mobilize a national effort to turn America into a war making arsenal. The race to the moon, once it gripped public imagination, had the effect of spurring massive technological innovation.


Unlike some major powers, America has the advantage of a uniquely secure, natural resource rich, strategically favorable and very large geographic base for a population that is nationally cohesive and not beset by any significant ethnic separatism. America also in not threatened by the territorial ambitions of any neighbor. Its norther neighbor is a friend, and truth be said, socially a more successful version of a shared way of life. Canada in its great geographic depth also enhances America’s security.

America’s landmass is rich in natural resources, ranging from minerals to agriculture and increasingly also to energy, still much of which especially in Alaska is untapped.

America’s location on the edge of the world’s two most important oceans the Atlantic and the Pacific ocean offers a security barrier while America’s shores provide a springboard for maritime commerce and if necessary, for transoceanic power projection. In brief, no other major country enjoys all of these advantages as a permanent condition as well as a beneficial opportunity.


America’s Sixth assets it its association with a set of values- Human rights, individual liberty, political democracy, economic opportunity that are generally endorsed by its population and that over the years have enhanced the country’s global standing. This kind of values not available in growing’s power of the world. America is an example of an intelligent society in which a productive, energetic, and innovative economy serves as the basis for shaping a society that is culturally, intellectually, and spiritually more gratifying.


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