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India from last half decade is facing new growing challenges not only in the region but in the country also. Three powers in the region, China, India and Pakistan holds the key of South Asia. When influence of U.S.A decline in the region especially from Afghanistan then two major powers china and India can define the new parameters of regional order. India, china and Pakistan is a strategic triangle in the region.(

There are Following challenges to India.

  • India is engaged in Non-State actors.India is in between formal talk or back channels.
  • There is uncertainty in the ties of Iran and India.U.S and its allies urged to India, reduce the 10 percent of total oil imports from Iran.India wanted good ties with Iran to reduce the influence of China in the region.
  • India is far behind in cyber space technology than People Republic of China.
  • Experts say India is facing threat from CPEC. China aims in CPEC is to make the network of highways,railways and pipeline across the Pakistan to bring cheap energy resources from Gawadar port to the Chinese city of Kashgar in order to settle the issue of Malacca for oil and gas imports.China dependency on Malacca straight which connect pacific and Indian ocean for oil and gas imports.China is handling this issue via Gawdar route.
  • India is blaming that Islamic Republic of Pakistan destabilizing Indian Occupied Kashmir and Indian Punjab.
  • ceasefire violations by Pakistan across the border.
  • The post-NATO-Afghanistan, where Pakistan is doing effort to control the Kabul regime through proxy war.Clear cut example, Taliban is gaining ground.This will bring back the memories of the 1999 Hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight IC-814. At that time and now BJP is in power.New Delhi is dealing with Pakistan in offensive policy.
  • India’s disputed territory with China is big headache for India.Recently china took controlled over the territory.
  • Border skirmishes over Kashmir sovereignty.
  • Indian government expressed profound concerns about the Pak-China strategic ties.India is blaming that China is providing to Pakistan Nuclear weapons and missile program.
  • Chinese presence in Pakistan-Gilgit Baltistan is concern for India.
  • Pak-China-Afghanistan ties to resolve the issue.
  • China is increasing its influence in the region under Belt Road Initiative and offering to Pakistan economic and development.
  • In 2014 representative of the Taliban from Doha based office met in Beijing for dialogue.Then in July met in Pakistan Murree. This called Murree peace process.
  • The next threat to India is, if Afghanistan geopolitically change. Pak-china partnership and Indo-Pak stand off in Afghanistan keep India out of Afghanistan reconciliation process.
  • India has failed badly to bring Iran in the mainstream.

U.S.A and India’s strategy towards China.

  • Both countries made a strategic level agreement on Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean during Obama administration.
  • There is need of security in the South China sea and freedom of navigation throughout the region.
  • Trilateral cooperation between the U.S, Japan and India.

Domestic challenge for India.

  • Poverty.
  • poor urban management.
  • Unequal Economic development.
  • population.
  • Population: This is non traditional security threat of 21st century.On world population day in 2018 India had officially reached 1.31 billion population.Under fast growing population, India need quality of education,need to generate 12 million jobs annually.Due to population growth growing frustrations among large section of overqualified young people doing below par-jobs.
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