“Globalization is an inter-connected and inter-dependent world”. Like easily movement of people, goods, drugs, data, innovative ideas, money, weapons, viruses, biological viruses and green house gases. The new things added in globalization are, velocity, range and speed, which were not part of previous one. More important element entered is that consumer choice and reduction in price. It touches every section of our life. The product we buy, the food we eat and the way we used for communication is part of globalization. In current era, we are facing world modern problems like trade, terrorism and climate change due to globalization. (

Innovations role in Globalization.

Three innovations shaped, somehow people and goods move across the world today.In past 35 days needed to travel from London to Hong Kong by ship in 1881.In 1914 by ship, it was taking only 25 days.In 1937 by plane only 10 days and today 0.5 day.Rail road represented an astonishing innovation for the transport of people, news, goods and military goods move.For instance, in 1815, it would have taken four days for news to move from Brussels to London on horses.By 1830, a train could cover a similar distance in one day.

Air industry and Globalization.

The wright brothers flew the first airplane in 1903 and Charles Lindbergh flew the first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight in 1927.In 1945 international air transport association came into being.It not only revolutionized the world but also made easy to travel.On the other hand international cargo also played key role in it.Airline deregulation act in 1987 set the fare for the airline industry. Fed Ex and UPS further technological advancement assisted in surge of global trade and travel and reduction in tariffs.

Innovative idea of Shipping companies in 1960.

The first container ship was the brainchild of American trucking Magnate Malcolm McLean in 1956 headed from New Jersey to Texas.In the tenure of 10 years, the rectangular, uniform shipping container across the world would convert it into the standard vessel for the transportation of cargo.Prior to this, cargo goods were not packed in standard way.It was in every shape and size.The process was time intensive and costly.This sudden change decline the logistic and labour cost of shipping, which lead to a massive expansion of transnational trade.After 1960, within two decades trade volume soared 800 percent.These innovations have made life easier for most but harder for someone.

Role of Global Supply chain in Globalization.

United States of America primarily were making medicines in the U.S.A because ingredients or raw material originated there.This system began to change in 1980’s, when the concept of trade liberalization swept across the world.Trade liberalization relaxed restrictions to promote free trade among countries.Allowing companies to expand abroad where ingredients were cheaper and subject to fewer restrictions.The first ready product in 1990’s began to arrive in U.S.A .

How does global Supply chain work for United states Medicine Companies.

  • Research and Development is carried out in United States of America.
  • Clinical Trials. After research and development, second step is clinical trials.Vaccine is tested on humans in various countries for side effects.
  • Food and Drug Administration approval. After clinical trials, FDA institution of U.S.A approved for the production of medicine.
  • Ingredients [China].Now a days, china is big producer of ingredients.U.S.A then place ordered for ingredients.
  • Binder & Filler [India]. For binding the medicine ordered is placed to India.
  • Packing[Germany].Packing is done in Germany and then sent to America.
  • Distribution and consumption.Last step is use of medicines.
  • Understanding how products move through the world before they land on our shelves can help us make informed decisions about what we choose to buy, sell and use.


In an growing inter-connected and inter-dependent world, some problems are too big for states to handle on their own, states need to work together through international organization that encourage cooperation and diplomatic resolution to global problems.Six most important international organization in the world today.All were made after second United Nations organization and specialized agencies under UNO like UNICEF, UNESCO, WORLD BANK and WHO.

Message from Food:

  • The food we eat give a complete message like:
  • Cultural values.
  • Family Tradition.
  • Globalized Trade, economics and a supply chain that transport raw ingredients and finished product from one part of the globe to another.

Global communications and two hundred years.

  • Invention of railway and telegraph around 1814-95.
  • Steam powered printing press. 3600 pages per day and it droped the price 2/3 between 1450 to 1500.
  • Samuel Morse sent first message from an electrical telegraph in 1844 from Washington DC to Baltimore.
  • Alexander Graham Bell introduced the Telegraph in calling from Chicago to New York in 1892.
  • Marconi invented radio in 1904.
  • Television was invented in 1927.
  • Space race speed up communication in 1957 to 62 .Soviet union first did this experiment.
  • Martin Cooper inventor of the handheld cellular mobile phone in 1973.

Black picture of Globalization.

  • The vivid example is competition among foreign workers, which really has slammed the American Working class. According to David Dorn economist found that competition from china laboured wages and increased un-employment for American workers.This has declined in labour share of income in the U.S.A .
  • China imports have lowered prices for consumers and raised the income of investors.
  • Rich countries companies invest freely in poor countries and don’t protect the environment. Globalization exporting pollution from developed countries to under developing countries.
  • This is surging health issues.
  • Global warming is global because its heat is being felt around the world. After United states, China is largest producer of carbon emission.

When globalization convert into local.

China is big importer of dairy product.Most of the china dairy products come from New Zealand.New Zealand faced a prolonged drought, people Republic of China started to buy milk from France.In 2015 two things sudden happened to change this tend. Chinese realized they had overstock on milk and demand is low.China at the same time facing economic downtime. Resultantly, French dairy export to china fell over 13 percent.On the other hand china allowed foreign films into the country after joining WTO.Hollywood movies most revenue comes from outside.It has two plank, first is revenue and second is, sharing of culture and ideas.

Some movies are negative side of Globalization

  • A movie can be banned or censored if it has following content.
  • Nude scene and vulgar content.
  • Threaten the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state.
  • Harm the reputation and interest of the state.
  • Showing excessive drinking and other bad habits.
  • Disparages image of the army and police.
  • Depict homosexuality.

Threat to civilization.

Civilization is part and parcel of every nation. Globalization is damaging the cultures and civilizations.Globalization is not only changing fundamental values of culture but also civilization.Muslims civilization is also under threat of globalization..Islamic cultural value is, sleep early and wake up early for morning pray but now people sleep late and wake up late.

Globalization is harder for some.:

You can order online clothes and shoes, they delivered next day on your door step.This cheap product is the result of low wages and weak labour laws in developing countries.It displaces jobs as it moves from country to country for lower operational expenses.

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