HSK is the abbreviation of Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi and is an international standard skill test for persons who are not native Chinese Language speakers.  HSK is the official Chinese exam for foreigners, similar to Cambridge for English. The test was introduced in 2010 by the Chinese government.

The HSK exam consists of two separate sections: a written and oral examination. The written exam consists of six levels from HSK level 1 to HSK level 6, and the oral exam is sub-divided into three stages of HSK Basic, HSK intermediate to HSK advanced. As you apply to study in China, this is one of the requirements for Chinese taught Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees.

What is the HSK Chinese exam like?

HSK is known as the internationally standardized test of Chinese language proficiency, which focuses on the ability of non-first language candidates to communicate in their lives, studies, and work. Chinese universities require HSK certification to allow international students study Chinese taught programs. Some companies also make HSK a requirement for hiring international talents to work in their China office.

First, Let’s consider the HSK examination structure.

HSK has several levels to indicate the number of Chinese characters you can write, remember, and read.


You will Master 150 Chinese Characters

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Candidates on HSK (level 1) can understand and use some simple Chinese words and sentences to meet specific communication needs, with the ability to further learn Chinese.


HSK Level 2

You will Master 300 Chinese Characters

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On HSK (level 2), candidates can use Chinese on the familiar daily topics for direct and straightforward communication, to achieve the junior Chinese excellence level.


HSK Level 3

You will Master 600 Chinese Characters

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On HSK (level 3), candidates can use Chinese to complete the basic communication tasks in life, study, work, and so on, when traveling in China, can cope with most of the communicative tasks encountered.

HSK Level 4

You will Master 1200 Chinese Characters

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Candidates on HSK (Level 4) can talk in Chinese on a wide range of topics and communicate more fluently with native speakers of Chinese.

HSK Level 5

You will Master 2500 Chinese Characters

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Candidates on HSK (Level 5) can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, enjoy Chinese film and television programs, and give more complete speeches in Chinese.

HSK, Level 6.  You will Master 5000 Chinese Characters

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Candidates on HSK (Level 6) can easily understand what they hear or read in Chinese and express their views fluently in Chinese, either verbally or in writing.

Second, the examination level

The correspondence between the HSK levels and the International Chinese Competence Standard is shown in the table below:

HSK In WritingExam DurationHSK CharactersEU LevelHSK Oral Exam
HSK 140 min150A1Elementary
HSK 255300A2Primary
HSK 390600B1Intermediate
HSK 41051200B2Upper-intermediate
HSK 51252500C1Advanced
HSK 61405000C2Proficient

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