Who were Khiljis?

The Khiljis belonged to Turkish race.They migrated and settled in Afghanistan.The area where they settled was named “Khalj” and with this reference they were called Khilji.

Sultan Jalal-Ud-Din Feroz-1290-96.

Sultan was seventy years old when he assumed the office.He declared his overlordship ruling after the death of Kaeqbad. Monopoly of Turkish chiefs ended by Sultan.Government posts opened for other communities.He ruled by mutual understanding not by force.He was kind hearted and good moral person.He established Khilji empire on sound footing.He provided facilities to Khilji and Balban families who ruled nearly for 30 years.

Rebellion against Sultan.

Two years latter, Malik Chajju the governor of Mankpur declared his independent.He was dreaming to capture Delhi.He got the assistance of Awaddh governor named Malik Qaim Khan, both marched towards Delhi.Sultan sent his son, who defeated them at Badayoon and arrested Malik along with his companions and presented before the Sultan.Sultan not only spare his life but also forgave him.

Sultan adventure against Rajputs.

Due to Kindness of Sultan,Rajputs turned against him.Hindu Raja of Malva,Ranthambore and Ajeen also got courage to become opponents and raised rebellion against Sultan.He himself led in 1290 A.D to the expedition of Ranthambore. Sultan had to busy in few other adventures.

Mongol Attacked.

In 1292 Mongol returned with an army of at least 10,0000.Sultan army marched to attack them and forced to retreat.At this time large number of Mongols embraced Islam.

Adventures of Allauddin.

Allauddin was nephew and son in law of Feroz Khilji. Allauddin, without his uncle permission started to raid into other parts of India.After the victory of Malva, Sultan made Allauddin Governor of Awadh. Allauddin besieged the fort in 1294.The chief of Devegri requested for reconciliation. Allauddin returned from another raid with big treasure and requested to Sultan meet him.Some difference appeared between Sultan and Allauddin. Both met in “Karrah” to settle differences with his nephew. Allauddin planned a conspiracy and killed the Sultan.

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