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Relations between Pakistan and china always remain stronger. The strength of Pakistan and china relations can be measured with this sentence “ Our friendship is higher than Himalayas, deeper than oceans and sweeter than honey.” In china, Chinese people call to Pakistani people ” Iron brother”.(

National Interests don’t change but policies are changed to achieve objectives [DR-Zbigniew].

Pakistan came into being in 1947,at that time, China was engaged in a civil war between the Nationalists and the communists. After the end of civil war, the Communists People Republic of China came into being in 1949 under the famous leader of China, Mao Zedong. India supported the newborn government of people Republic of China. (

This act of India, discouraged Pakistan. China border meet with Kashmir, it was not possible to ignore china for Pakistan. In January 1950 Pakistan gave diplomatic recognition to the new Chinese government. United States of America bitterly opposed new Chinese communist rulers and the act of Pakistan .The reason was, Pakistan was in the bloc of democracy.


Pakistan adopted very friendly behavior towards china in the early 1950’s.Pakistan relations with Afghanistan and India were not good after independence. Pakistan could not afford new border threat with china. Pakistan voted for People Republic of China to take U.N seat in 1952. America again opposed Pakistan for this act. In 1953 Pakistan produced objections of blockading the Chinese coast. No doubt Pakistan was following pro-American policy in the mid 1950’s but Pakistan maintained relations between china and U.S.A. With the passage of time trade with china flourished. Pakistan condemned the military action People Republic of China in the Tibet region in 1959.


  • Some portion of border between Pakistan and China was not fixed.
  • Chinese maps were showing some Pakistani territory as part of China.
  • President Ayub Khan insisted the border issues must be settled between both countries to further improve relations between Pakistan and China.
  • The border agreement was reached in March 1963.
  • In 1963 Pakistan kept neutral role on the issue of China membership of U.N.
  • China bought more and more raw cotton from Pakistan in 1960.
  • A pronounced shift in Pakistan china relations came during 1962 war between India and China.
  • This is called Sino-China war.
  • China took back the territory which they claimed as part of china.
  • India’s ties with china were friendly before war but after it spoiled the relations.
  • This event further strengthened Pakistan china relations.
  • China supported Pakistan stance on Kashmir issue.
  • Number of agreements were signed covering trade and air transport.
  • England prohibited Pakistan International Airline [PIA] to land in the British colony of Hong Kong.
  • China allowed PIA to use any airport of its territory under the 1963 air agreement.
  • America also refused of PIA flights to communist china and suspended a 4.3 million dollars loan.
  • That was intended to further improve Dhaka airport.
  • On the other hand China provided a 60 million loan which was free of interest for the import of machinery to Pakistan.
  • Pakistan could repay the loan over a long period of time with goods such as raw cotton.
  • This was great step of China for Pakistan.
  • People of China and Pakistan began to start visit each other country.
  • It includes, businessman engineers ,scientists and Ping Pong from china also visited Pakistan.
  • Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai made an eight day official visit to Pakistan in 1964.
  • He firmly supported Pakistan stance of referendum for the people of Kashmir.
  • Ayub Khan balanced the ties of Pakistan between China and America.
  • Pakistan and India fought a war in 1965.Pakistan was ally of America.
  • America did not help Pakistan in the time of war.
  • On the other hand china fully supported Pakistan during war, with weapons and economic aid.
  • By 1971 USSR agreed to support India against china.
  • This ruled out Chinese military support to Pakistan during 1971 war with India.
  • Economic aid and loans were made during the 1965 war were written off. China is an important trading partner of Pakistan.
  • The friendship between the two countries were further cemented by the opening of the Karakorum Highway[KKF].This provided the road link between the two countries.
  • The border crossing Kunjrab Pass, at 16,187 feet is the highest international border crossing in the world.
  • It further soared trade and tourism between China and Pakistan.
  • In 1986 Pakistan and China signed a cooperation treaty concerning the Civil use of Nuclear power.
  • That’s why Friendship between Pakistan and China is deeper than oceans, higher than Himalayas and sweeter than honey.

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