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Renowned 200 Chinese University Ranking & International Students Statistic Data

From 1950 onwards, China first enrolled foreign students in the management system for study abroad in China has shown distinctive characteristic with times. To study in China is an important task to enhance its international influence with “One Belt One Road”. Higher education requires strategy to expand study of China.

Nowadays, People Republic of China is growing internationally in various fields. Chinese Universities is moving towards internationalization standards, moreover education of international students is being emphasized. Number of student’s toll increasing with every year. Valuable data of comparison is following.

As per statistical data of 2018, nearly 500,000 International Students around 190 countries, which enrolled in 1004 Universities and academic institutions of China. From the above data, large share of International Students is from Asia, which includes Middle East: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh; Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, and South Korea, these have large number of students. International students belong to United states of America and Europe have slight more share than 22 % of all students of 2018.

The ranking data comes from the latest statistics on the number of international students in China including National ranking for each university:   

Table 2: 200 Chinese University Ranking

RankingName of UniversityInternational Students NumberNational Ranking
1Beijing Language and Culture University9056130
2University of International Business and Economics  855588
3Peking University77931
4Shanghai Jiao Tong University74126
5Zhejiang University71934
6Fudan University70573
7East China Normal University647232
8Tsinghua University63792
9Yunnan Minzu University5812167
10Donghua University486556
11Jinan University486153
12Shanghai International Studies University4712125
13Shanghai University446065
14Tongji University445420
15Harbin Institute of Technology428216
16Shandong University401213
17Sichuan University387218
18Huazhong University of Science and Technology36807
19Wuhan University356110
20Huaqiao University3514136
21Tianjin University344910
22Zhejiang Normal University336186
23Nanjing University33545
24Soochow University328659
25Beijing Foreign Studies University324790
26Nankai University319812
27Beijing Normal University305522
28Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine3022115
29Xi’an Jiaotong University284515
30Jiangsu University284090
31Shanghai Normal University2702121
32Xiamen University268723
33Beihang University268121
34Renmin University of China26339
35Sun Yat-sen University255914
36Beijing Institute of Technology246930
37Zhengzhou University246940
38Ningbo University246475
39Beijing Jiaotong University 232445
40Zhejiang University of Technology230084
41South China University of Technology228129
42Yunnan Normal University2247155
43Guangdong University of Foreign Studies2218110
44Zhejiang University of Science & Technology2207296
45Shanghai University of Finance and Economics216463
46Zhejiang Gongshang University2150134
47Yangzhou University214389
48Southwest University209954
49Central China Normal University209139
50Northwestern Polytechnical University203924
51Jilin University200319
52Tiangong University1980122
53Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine1954180
54Tianjin Normal University1952103
55Guangxi University1940127
56Southeast University192817
57Capital Normal University189680
58Dalian University of Foreign Languages1881230
59Liaoning University188091
60Hangzhou Normal University1870153
61Shanghai University of Sport1859230
62Yunnan University182265
63South China Normal University182273
64Qingdao University1770167
65Tianjin Foreign Studies University1730260
66Shenzhen University1729107
67Chongqing University171835
68Wuhan University of Technology170051
69Shenyang Aerospace University1681278
70Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology1677165
71Southwestern University Of Finance And Economics1659105
72Beijing University of Chinese Medicine163885
73Guangxi Normal University1620140
74Hohai University160737
75Kunming University Of Science And Technology160561
76Nanjing Normal University158962
77Heilongjiang University1540118
78Shenyang Medical College1539440
79Northeastern University153526
80Nanjing University Of Chinese Medicine1523155
81Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine1520255
82Shanghai University of International Business and Economics1517307
83Yangtze University1453174
84Jinzhou Medical University1453380
85Harbin Engineering University144567
86Beijing International Studies University1432350
87Dali University1426364
88East China University of Science and Technology141746
89Central South University141325
90Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics141250
91China Three Gorges University1396204
92Dalian University of Technology139327
93North China Electric Power University1362130
94Northeast Normal University134571
95China Medical University1318145
96Nanjing University Of Science And Technology130943
97Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool University13031 (China’s top private universities)
98University of Electronic Science and Technology of China130334
99Southern Medical University129095
100Jiangnan University128580
101Dalian Medical University1283190
102University Of Science & Technology Beijing127643
103Liaoning Shihua University1272326
104Wenzhou Medical College1255170
105Zhejiang Sci-Tech University1254139
106Nanjing Agricultural University124938
107China Academy of Art1237230
108NYU Shanghai12156
109Nanchang University121349
110Harbin Normal University1201161
111Tianjin Medical University1184125
112Ludong University1168296
113Guangxi Medical University1164230
114Dongbei University Of Finance And Economics1153112
115China University of Petroleum (East China)114385
116Tianjin University of Technology1141187
117Zhejiang A&F University1139191
118Northwest University113457
119Honghe  University1129442
120Huazhong Agricultural University112636
121Hangzhou Dianzi University112291
122Shaanxi Normal University111680
123Beijing University Of Technology109671
124Liaoning Normal University1081181
125Guilin University Of Electronic Technology1074204
126Ocean University of China107341
127Chang’an University1052113
128Communication University of China103965
129University of Nottingham Ningbo China10372
130Tianjin University of Science and Technology1036190
131Shanghai University Of Engineering Science1036259
132Shenyang Normal University1028286
133China University Of Geosciences(Wuhan)102173
134Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine1005150
135Shandong Normal University98199
136Beijing Union University978357
137China University of Petroleum (Beijing)97776
138Xinjiang Normal University961227
139Hubei University of Technology936202
140Hebei North University922497
141Hunan Normal University91864
142Fujian Normal University910106
143GuangXi University for Nationalities910218
144Xi’an Shiyou University905280
145Wenzhou University898198
146Lanzhou University89131
147University of Shanghai for Science and Technology89179
148Dalian Maritime University888142
149Beihua University887259
150Kunming Medical University877290
151Hunan University87627
152Guilin university of technology873192
153Nanjing Medical University866130
154ChongQing Medical University866160
155Zhejiang Chinese Medical University863220
156Xi’an International Studies University863320
157University of Science and Technology of China8598
158China University of Mining and Technology84980
159Shanghai Maritime University848180
160East China University of Political Science and Law845170
161Capital Medical University844105
162Capital University of Economics and Business836160
163Shenyang Jianzhu University833223
164Nantong University827206
165Tongren University807466
166Shandong First Medical University804260
167Xidian University79941
168Changsha Medical University78353
169Changzhou University776272
170Liaoning University of Technology755375
171Harbin Medical University752105
172North China University of Technology744295
173Bohai University727328
174Jiamusi University718328
175Guizhou University714142
176Nanjing Forestry University712125
177Tianjin Chengjian University708320
178Jiangsu University Of Science And Technology703286
179Weifang Medical University701455
180Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine696340
181Jiangsu Normal University689176
182Southwest Jiaotong University68152
183Shandong University of Technology680253
184Southwest University of Political Science & Law678115
185Minzu University of China67493
186Beibu Gulf University674423
187Inner Mongolia Normal University665247
188Shenyang Ligong University664374
189JiMei University663207
190Inner Mongolia University658131
191Guilin University Of Aerospace Technology655530
192Hainan Medical University654350
193Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics651215
194Qiqihar Medical University649495
195Huzhou University643402
196Taiyuan University of Technology63978
197Northwest Normal University636138
198University Of Jinan634183
199Tianjin University of Finance and Economics620196
200Hebei Normal University618171
201Guangxi University of Science and Technology618357

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